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McDonaldland is a fantasy world used in a large collection of McDonald's commercials from the '70s and '80s featuring a magical world setting inhabited by many quirky characters.


Some of the plant-life of the planet includes Apple Pie trees, Thick Shake VolcanoesFrench fry bushes, and Hamburger Patches. McDonaldland does have McDonald's restaurants within it. Filet-O-Fish Lake is a famous body of water in McDonaldland. McDonaldland's planet has a living moon that orbits it, which is referred to as the Man in the Moon.

Character History




  • Ronald McDonald
  • Grimace
  • Hamburglar
  • Birdie the Early Bird
  • Fry Kids
  • Mayor McCheese
  • Officer Big Mac
  • Kids


  • Jazmine A. Corona - Tika

Guest characters

  • David Eccles - Bear (ep. 1)
  • Bob Joles - Mayor McCheese, Mob Man #2, Knight (ep. 5)
  • Jeff Lupetin - Iam Hungry (ep. 3)
  • Julie Merrill - TV Woman (ep. 1)
  • Phil Snyder - Professor Thaddeus J. Pinchworm (ep. 4)
  • Warren Sroka - King Murray (ep. 5)
  • Carl W. Wolfe - Org (ep. 3)

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