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The original lineup of McDonaldland in 1974.

McDonaldland is a fantasy world used in a large collection of McDonald's commercials from 1971-2003 featuring a magical world setting inhabited by many quirky characters. They vary from strange creatures, to food items.


Some of the plant-life of the planet includes Apple Pie trees, Thick Shake VolcanoesFrench fry bushes, and Hamburger Patches. McDonaldland does have McDonald's restaurants within it. Filet-O-Fish Lake is a famous body of water in McDonaldland. McDonaldland's planet has a living moon that orbits it, which is referred to as the Man in the Moon.


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McDonaldland Melody

McDonaldland 1986

The lineup from 1986.

Get yourself, ready for a trip in McDonaldland
Take along a friend, and grab on to Ronald's hand
Follow Ronald McDonald through the land of Apple Pie Trees
And don't be surprised when you meet Big Mac and McCheese

There are Milkshake Volcanoes, you'll even find a French fry patch
Now just turn around and see if you won't find a Hamburger Patch
As you're headin' for...for McDonald's

In McDonaldland at McDonald's (x3)


Jack Doepke

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