1980's McDonalds Hamburger University Commercial

1980's McDonalds Hamburger University Commercial

The Hamburglar at the McDonaldland Hamburger University.

Hamburger University (not to be confused with a real institution of the same name) is a 1987 TV commercial starring Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar, featuring the Hamburger Kids. The plot involves Ronald teaching his students, anthropomorphic hamburgers, about the Hamburglar and his thieving personality.


Ronald McDonald begins his day of teaching the class by greeting them "good morning". He then proceeds to teach his class the day's subject: the Hamburglar. When Ronald releases the roll up paper featuring a picture of the Hamburglar, the real Hamburglar appears behind it (without Ronald knowing) and begins to take every Hamburger kid in the class and load them onto a shopping cart. As Hamburglar does that, Ronald explains that the Hamburglar is very clever and very sneaky, and loves taking McDonald's hamburgers. Ronald then tells the class what they should do if they see him, which they all yell "HELP RONALD! SAVE US!" This makes Ronald notice the Hamburglar, who tries to flee with the Hamburger kids but is foiled by Ronald, with a fake door as a trap. In the final shot, Ronald gives Hamburglar detention as he writes on the chalk board "Don't take burgers! Robble! Robble!"