French Fries (also known as MacFries) are thin strips of potato served at McDonald's fried in vegetable oil and served hot and salted. They are normally preprocessed in a regional facility, and shipped to each McDonald's store frozen.

McDonald's French fries have been promoted to children through the use of the McDonaldland characters, the Fry Kids.

Contrary to popular legend, sourcing of McDonald's french fries does not require the total harvest of any particular species or breed of potato, nor does it require the total potato yield of any particular jurisdiction.

The nutrition facts of McDonald's French fries vary from country to country. It is said that the Netherlands serves French fries that features the highest salt content, and that Ireland has the healthiest oil composition and the lowest salt content.[1]

In 2016, McDonald's introduced a new specialty entree item, McChoco Potato, McDonald's famous salted fries, covered in white and fudge chocolate sauce, in their Japan restaurants. [2]



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