Cheeseburgers to Go
Cheeseburgers To Go is a 1987 TV commercial produced by the McDonald's corporation. It stars Ronald McDonald and Hamburglar, as the latter steals a plate full of cheeseburgers and Ronald gives chase through a set of stairs and doors.


Ronald McDonald was holding a tray full of cheeseburgers in his hands as he was about to enjoy them one by one. He set them on a table and was going to take a nibble when the Hamburglar showed up, and nabbed them before saying "Robble Robble! Cheeseburgers!" Ronald then began to chase the Hamburglar through many sets of doors, often ending up in a different location than the Hamburglar (even though the two surprisingly ran into each other before running the opposite direction). Ronald then had a plan and tried to follow the Hamburglar through one door before coming out of it. Once he did, Ronald pulled a lever down, which made the steps on the stairs turn into a slide. The Hamburglar did not notice and slid down the slide, still holding the tray of cheeseburgers. When he reached the bottom, Ronald reclaimed the cheeseburgers from Hamburglar but not without saying "Thank You", as the Hamburglar went through a door and spun around it before dizzying himself back to Ronald. The two then decided to share the cheeseburgers after the chase.




The commercial is followed by a sequel, respectively titled Cheeseburgers To Go Again!.