Cant Wait For Dinner opening

"Can't Wait for dinner" TV commercial opening, which has Ronald, picking flowers in as he runs into Birdie, the Early Bird and two kids.

Can't Wait for Dinner is a 1988 McDonald's commercial. which featured familiar McDonald's characters Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Birdie the Early Bird, as well as Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon, and The Magical Stars, as well as the planet Saturn, which were both voiced by Jim Ward.

In the commercial, Ronald, Birdie and two kids, strolling through McDonaldland, can't wait for dinner, so they can eat some McDonald's burgers and fries! Ronald tries calling Mr. Sun, who says "you got it!", as he sets, which then leads Ronald to call out Mr. Moon and the Magical Stars using his magic wand, as they then venture to McDonald's and enjoy dinner!


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