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The actors listed in this table are generally understood to have portrayed Ronald McDonald under an official contract to the McDonald's Corporation.

Actor  Year Areas appeared Notes
Willard Scott 1963-65 local to US East Coast
  • Originated character, then named "Donald McDonald", in Washington, D.C. area TV ads in 1963.</li>
  • Well respected TV personality/longtime weatherperson on NBC-TV's Today morning show</li>
  • Bev Bergeron 1966-68 local to Southern California
  • Appeared in TV ads on the West Coast</li>
  • Career includes 15 years of performing 5 magic shows a day at Walt Disney World's Diamond Horseshow Review, as well as over 16,000 shows.</li>
  • George Voorhis 1968-70 local to Southern California
  • Helped introduce the "Big Mac" sandwich in McDonald's TV/print ads</li>
  • Ray Rayner 1968-69 U.S./Some global ads
    • Longtime Chicago area TV personallty and staple of children's television in the 1960s and 1970s on WGN-TV
    Bob Brandon 1970-75 U.S./Global
    King Moody 1975-85 U.S./Global
    • 2nd longest stint as Ronald McDonald amongst actors; played role of "Shtarker" in the CBS-TV series Get Smart
    Squire Fridell 1985-91 U.S./Global
  • Only one commercial actually credited on; has also done thousands of TV commercials as pitchperson for</li>
  • Portrayed Ronald in Mac and Me and The Adventures of Ronald McDonald: McTreasure Island </li>
  • Jack Doepke 1991-99 U.S./Global
    • Last actor to portray Ronald in the fictional world of McDonaldland.
    David Hussey 2000-2014 U.S./Global
  • Longest serving stint as Ronald McDonald (14 years)</li>
  • Portrayed Ronald in McKids Adventures</li>
  • Brad Lennon 2014-present U.S./Global
    • Current actor in role as Ronald McDonald

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